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Great learning, great atmosphere, great people, great fighting, great home!

--Troy Kilgore


Hands down best training in the south. A family-like atmosphere for all. Great place to get in shape, learn self-defense, and become a champion in competition with dedicated training!!

--Joe Kassouf


When you are in an enclosed space and your weapon, asp, or taser is not an option it is a great advantage to utilize what I learned at Gold Dragon Mixed Martial Arts. Had a very long fight at work today and nothing was available but grappling and top control techniques.
My bad knee hit the ground a little bit, minor. I felt great and never panicked. I used leverage and control to take him down. He had a gun in right pocket went 2 on 1 wrist control. Wrist flex to Kimura to hospital he went. Something torn in his arm but at least he's not shot and I go home tonight.

--"N.O. Police Officer"


Amazing people that train hard, fight harder, but represent their gym the hardest!! Love these people!

--Matt Wallace


Amazing, nice people who have been doing MMA way before it was cool!

--Derrick Breaux


The best place around if you want to learn anything about MMA and its has a very nice family vibe in the atmosphere.

--Garrett Hayes


Best place I know of to learn the basic fundamentals of mixed martial arts and brazilian jiu jitsu as well as advanced techniques. This dojo simply creates champions in and out of the cage. Great atmosphere and super friendly staff that's eager to teach everyone that joins.

--Jude Landry


Only one word can describe this place, Family.

--Gary Jennings


Fantastic coaches. Awesome atmosphere. And true mma training.

--Josh Peed


Great place I love calling my second home. Learned a lot from great trainers in the short time I've been there!!!

--Ryan "Short Arm" Carroll

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